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We’ve been breeding since 1999, for over 24 years now and have enjoyed every moment of it. A little about the human part of our family. Our first blog goes into even more detailed specifics.


My name is Angela, and I grew up in Arizona, where I met my husband and raised a family. In April 2017, tired of the extreme heat, we moved to Boise, ID. My husband is now retired United States Air Force. We have two adult daughters who have lived with naked cats since they were in diapers. sphynx kittens for sale


Our very first Sphynx was Poozcat. We were absolutely in love with the intelligence, affection, playfulness and personality of the Sphynx, so we wanted to get Pooz a friend. One year later, we adopted Rogaine. A year later, Cueball joined the family. All three boys were unique in personality…each loving and remarkable.


I often visited local breeders, thinking I would add another baby when I found the perfect one for our family. I ran across a local breeder who deemed she had a litter dying from “kitten fade”. The kittens had no sign of the real condition known as “Fading Kitten” but suffered from what I call “Lazy Breeder”. It turns out that the over-bred mother of the litter had refused to nurse the babies, and the breeder didn’t want to put time into hand-raising them. Rather than hand-feed the kittens, the breeder let the kittens nurse off other lactating mothers, slowly dying as they were turned away. I asked the breeder if I could take them home and try to save them. Denied, the unethical breeder SOLD me each kitten in this dying litter…thus began the most nurturing experience I’ve had with kittens. We finally decided to start selling them and ever since the journey has been outstanding , we appreciate our loyal clients and we are happy to be your best ever sphynx supplier. 

sphynx cat for sale

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Once you’ve owned a hairless cat, you won’t ever want a hairy cat again. Their unique personality sets them above all other breeds. They are like a dog, wanting to be with their human, sharing affection and playing, yet they poop in a box and don’t bark. Finding a good, reputable, responsible breeder can be difficult. Profit-driven catteries, AKA kitten mills, are more prevalent the anyone would want to think. Inbreeding, overbreeding, disease, malnutrition, neglect, caging, and lack of hand-raising are just some of the horrors that can be found in an undesirable cattery.

— The best thing I ever did last year was meet you guys. I bought 2 brothers for the first time, and my kids have been so happy since they came home. Had alot of friends who wanted to visit just because of my cute sphynx. I highly recommend John Doe

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